Being Young in the Bushveld: Photographing cubs in Sabi Sands Reserve

Very Special Encounters with Young Animals of All Species

photographing leopard cubs in Sabi
Leopard cub follows its mother through the grass

We just spent a spectacular 2 days in Sabi and another in the big cat reserve.  There seemed to be young animals every where:  baby giraffes, zebras, and elephants.

mother and young giraffe on our photo safari
Mother and young giraffe come to drink
photographic safari zebras
baby zebra and family at sunset
baby elephants
Two baby elephants

Our first evening we were treated to lion cubs and the whole pride.  They played while walking with their father, nursed from their mother, and did some exploring.

Lions in Sabi Sands
A cub walks with a juvenile male, probably a brother
wildlife safari in Africa with lions
Lion pride mosh pit with the whole family together
photographing lion cubs on photo safari
This cub is not too confident about climbing a tree

The lions were great and the food and quiet star-filled sky at night was very nice,  but for me  our second morning was the best.  We found a mother leopard and her cubs out for a walk.  They follow obediently behind her then when we stopped,  they had a chance to nurse.  Then it was back to some exploring and games with mom close by.  More nursing and a quick clean by mom and it was time to find shade and a nap.

leopard kittens
playing with mom
mother and leopard cubs on photo safari in South Africa
Mom leopard nursing her two cubs
Leopard of Sabi Sands photo safari
One cubs gets a meal while the other gets a quick clean up from mom
leopard cubs playing
Playing attack games