Photographing Giraffes

Our 2nd safari group has had some really great wildlife encounters.  The giraffes have been especially easy to photograph.  I though I would feature them with a special gallery.  All of these images were taken in the first 2 days of safari and many taken right at the lodge.

photographing giraffes
A guest gets close and low angle shots

herd of giraffes at Bona Ntaba tree house lodge

baby giraffe - 2 weeks old
A baby giraffe aged 2 weeks
photographing giraffes on safari
Giraffes look at us as we sit on the deck by the pool
giraffe drinking
Giraffes must spread their legs to get low enough to drink
close up of a giraffe eating
Using its tongue to wrap around the thorns then pull the leaves off

giraffe takes a drink

baby giraffe
A baby giraffe aged 1+ month

two giraffes

giraffes drinking at the watering hole
A guest photographs giraffe drinking at the water hole