Favorite Moments from my September Photo Safaris

I have just finished 2 very successful photo safaris in South Africa.  I had a wonderful group of guests this year and together we had loads of fun and adventure.  I want to thank them for making this a very memorable safari season and I hope to travel with them again and keep in touch.   A special memory for me is safari guests who returned this year and said it was even better than last time!

We saw so much in the past month that it is hard to keep the favorites to a short blog post.

First, the thrill of seeing one of the many majestic species of antelope in beautiful light.  This is a male kudu.

male kudu

We were fortunate to see many leopards this trip.  Most were in the Sabi Sands Reserve.  This is a most typical leopard sighting, but still a thrill and beautiful to see.  favourite safari moments journal

A hippo has died and the carcass provides food for a range of species.  We returned several times to the sight to see a couple different leopards grabbing a meal. A hyena was near by and made off with a very large hippo leg.  The main carcass was much to heavy for even a leopard to drag off, but it was interesting to watch it try and to see its feeding methods.

leopard on a kill

We hosted some bird enthusiasts this time and there is plenty to keep them excited.  This is a fairly rare saddlebilled stork.  This is one of many species the  birding guests were able to add to their life list of birds.

saddle billed stork

Also the Lilac Breasted Roller is common, but very beautiful to photograph.  It is a contest among us and with myself to best our past images of this bird.

lilac breasted roller bird

I can watch elephants for hours: they are so interesting and in total control of their environment.  They are machines the way they tear down large trees, strip bark with a trunk that seems more useful than hands, and the way to can pick out just the blades of grass they want.  I dont know how they can ingest so many thorns and live.

elephant eating

This leopard has caught an impala.   She is thinking of stashing the kill up in a tree so no other predators can get it and she can eat at her leisure in peace.

leopard looks for a place to stash his kill

Cheetahs are one of the most photogenic of cats.  They look great up close and photographed at a distance.  We followed this brother coalition for a while as they went out hunting. They were searching for herds of prey and a good position to run an ambush.

two cheetahs hunting together

Just a short walk from our tree houses at the lodge there are so many photo subjects.  These weavers had several losses of nests due to wind.  This is their 3rd attempt and it is fascinating to watch the progress and construction technique.

red headed weaver building a nest

We are near a reserve with rare white lions.  They have some cubs at the moment which are too cute for words.   The mom is very grouchy and the male cut short our visit when he made some threats to our vehicle.

white lion cub white lion mother

Even without the animals, there are some places you just most stop to appreciate. scenic Klaserie River

Back at the lodge we can get some great shots of giraffes as they visit the watering hole.  This photo session lasted for nearly and hour and the guests were able to work their way very close and get ground level shots of them drinking.

guests photographing giraffes at our watering hole

I am already looking forward to coming back in .  Please let me know if you are thinking of joining.  We are filling safaris now so do not miss out !

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